M³ / CryptoBet ($CBET)

Last Update: Dec 9, 2020 // Started on Dec 9

Basic info

Blockchain: ERC-20
Availability: Uniswap (v2)
Industry: Gambling/Casino
Live pricing: https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-explorer/0x981d8a762723b874a57fdccda3e05f02646165d0


  1. Dec 9, 2020 8:11pm / Price: $0.00211547
    Price history after recommendation.
    1a. Dec 11, 2020 3:58pm / Price: $0.00109203


CryptoBet About Us
CryptoBet is a online casino and sportsbook Powered by RGT.

You’ll find thousands of the hottest slots, table games, live casino dealers, sporting events (including live in-play betting), and poker to keep you entertained for hours.

The story so far…
This chart would typically scare me. However, after my conversations with the RFI Telegram group regarding its recent backstory pertaining to CBET and the upcoming plans, here’s my overview and strategy.

  1. The Chart

For the month of November, I’m going to ignore everything, except the $0.001 – $0.0014 baseline during development. As I understand it, the spike in price in early December was due to premature marketing/awareness, before development was complete, causing a dump. After the launch of RFI (more later), the new bottom’s baseline increased to the development period’s previous high+.

2. RFI Telegram Info
With RFI’s explosion, automatic rewards, and their personal connection with the people behind CBET, it only adds to CBET’s potential. Development between the two is already live (limited time) for a staking opportunity. http://RFIstaking.com allows you to stake RFI and earn CBET, with a GYSR multiplier option. The app worked better than expected. Be aware that there’s about $9 in CBET staking/unstaking fees and I’d only recommend it for those with decent stacks of RFI.

While one of the leads behind RFI couldn’t confirm, he seemed optimsitic about CryptoBet using RFI. Casinos use all sorts of crypto, but with RFI’s automated return functionality on all transactions, it gives casino operators more incentive to push RFI over others. How is this good for CBET, since it sounds like a plus for RFI? When CryptoBet adds RFI as a payment option, gambling sectors have the most transactions in crypto, CryptoBet will benefit/profit far more over usage of the others. This will generate passive income on top of their normal operation efforts. This aids in funding growth, which include a CBET casino already in the plans, that will use CBET as its native currency.

3. Online Reputation
No red flags popped up for CryptoBet, but seeing as how they are new, it’s not too surprising. The backing/service company RTG (RealTimeGaming) only had one big story about a payout dispute, which was settled.

4. The Market
Gambling/casino sector leads the crypto dApp market. Not much else to say.

5. Use-cases Starting

Posted; , 2020
Stake $CBET to Earn $CTLR
7 Day Fair Distribution Staking Event
ALL 100 $CTLR will be Farmed in this Pool
The only way to Earn $CTLR is by Staking $CBET
Full Details
Stake CBET here;

Expect large dumps of CBET as buying and unstaking of it for CTLR will temporarily cause abnormal action.


  1. Recommendation: Limited Buy (1)
  2. Strategy: Short (2) or Swing (3)
    Item (1): Low amount of initial funds
    Item / Short (2): 1 – 3 month hold, possibly mid to long depending on developments.
    Item / Swing (3): If you’re not going to buy and hodl for the next 3 months to see what develops, before price exploration stabalizes, there’s plenty of time/room to swing trade very soon. Theory being, larger swings during the initial period than after it levels out.

This document will be continously updated. I’ll be posting more about what’s in the whitepaper and other CBET uses currently available, but I just wanted to get this live before it starts to move.

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