ETHY / RFI Yield Farming

About Ethereum Yield // $ETHY

How it works

Users are incentivised to stake Uniswap liquidity provider tokens. Fees from these tokens are farmed. A percentage of these fees goes toward the autonomous strategies like liquidating LP tokens, and performing an (ETH-ETHY) buy back (increasing the price). Any purchased ETHY tokens will be distributed to stakers/farmers.. Learn More?

Deflationary Forces

ETHY implements a strong deflationary force on each token. Every time an ETHY token is transferred, a small fee is taken, which is returned to the farmers. This mechanism incentivises holding and farming.


ETHY holders will be able to vote on proposals– so long as they have staked liquidity in the pools. The community will decide everything from developer fees and site design to the exact farming options available.

Reflect.Finance Integration Detail

Coin’s Website:
Contract: 0xd1afbccc9a2c2187ea544363b986ea0ab6ef08b5
Uses RFI code: No
Relationship: Strong
RFI Association: Farming (on-going)
Type: DeFi / Yield Farming
Community Reviewed: No
Bonus: Farm RFI-ETHY LP Tokens. ETHY rewards.
ETHY Live Pricing:
Fee/Reward Info: To farm, deposit Uniswap Liquidity Provider tokens, and receive pool shares. Those shares are locked for 1-4 months, then they can be liquidated back into Uniswap LP tokens. During this time you will recieve a percentage of the transfer fees on top of Uniswap rewards.
Socials: Telegram | Twitter


Confirm Coins

A. Make sure you have both RFI and ETHY coins to pair together for the pool.
Buy RFI:
(To buy RFI, make sure to adjust your slippage to 2% and use only whole (non-decimal) numbers for the RFI part)

B. In order to view the coins, make sure you’re using a Uniswap coin list provider that has them. Try CoinGecko if the ones you’re using doesn’t show them.

How-to Setup

Step 1 // Navigate to their website ( and choose Farm / RFI-ETHY LP Farm

Step 2 // Choose “Add Liquidity” to enter into their high yield farms. Enter your amounts and approve the transactions/fees in your wallet;

How to Remove/Claim

Step 3 // Once you’ve generated RFI-ETHY LP tokens, you can “Deposit” in order to claim further ETHY rewards. Please remember that your coins are locked according to your contract’s time agreement. This can be between 1 – 4 months.

You can Claim Rewards and leave your RFI-ETHY farming or Withdraw when your contract’s time limit has passed.

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