ETHY / RFI Yield Farming

About Ethereum Yield // $ETHY

How it works

Users are incentivised to stake Uniswap liquidity provider tokens. Fees from these tokens are farmed. A percentage of these fees goes toward the autonomous strategies like liquidating LP tokens, and performing an (ETH-ETHY) buy back (increasing the price). Any purchased ETHY tokens will be distributed to stakers/farmers.. Learn More?

Deflationary Forces

ETHY implements a strong deflationary force on each token. Every time an ETHY token is transferred, a small fee is taken, which is returned to the farmers. This mechanism incentivises holding and farming.


ETHY holders will be able to vote on proposals– so long as they have staked liquidity in the pools. The community will decide everything from developer fees and site design to the exact farming options available.

Reflect.Finance Integration Detail

Coin’s Website:
Contract: 0xd1afbccc9a2c2187ea544363b986ea0ab6ef08b5
Uses RFI code: No
Relationship: Strong
RFI Association: Farming (on-going)
Type: DeFi / Yield Farming
Community Reviewed: No
Bonus: Farm RFI-ETHY LP Tokens. ETHY rewards.
ETHY Live Pricing:
Fee/Reward Info: To farm, deposit Uniswap Liquidity Provider tokens, and receive pool shares. Those shares are locked for 1-4 months, then they can be liquidated back into Uniswap LP tokens. During this time you will recieve a percentage of the transfer fees on top of Uniswap rewards.
Socials: Telegram | Twitter


Confirm Coins

A. Make sure you have both RFI and ETHY coins to pair together for the pool.
Buy RFI:
(To buy RFI, make sure to adjust your slippage to 2% and use only whole (non-decimal) numbers for the RFI part)

B. In order to view the coins, make sure you’re using a Uniswap coin list provider that has them. Try CoinGecko if the ones you’re using doesn’t show them.

How-to Setup

Step 1 // Navigate to their website ( and choose Farm / RFI-ETHY LP Farm

Step 2 // Choose “Add Liquidity” to enter into their high yield farms. Enter your amounts and approve the transactions/fees in your wallet;

How to Remove/Claim

Step 3 // Once you’ve generated RFI-ETHY LP tokens, you can “Deposit” in order to claim further ETHY rewards. Please remember that your coins are locked according to your contract’s time agreement. This can be between 1 – 4 months.

You can Claim Rewards and leave your RFI-ETHY farming or Withdraw when your contract’s time limit has passed.

YLD / RFI Liquidity Pool

About Yield // $YLD

“Yield is a DeFi lending app with fixed, guaranteed interest rates. Lending and borrowing on the platform is individualized (i.e. not pooled). Lenders earn guaranteed rates while borrowers that maintain healthy loans and repay on time earn YLD, the native token.

Reflect.Finance Integration Detail

Coin’s Website:
Contract: 0xdcb01cc464238396e213a6fdd933e36796eaff9f
Uses RFI code: No
Relationship: Strong
RFI Association: Pairing (on-going)
Type: DeFi /Lending
Community Reviewed: Yes
Bonus: Dual yield with standard YLD pool rewards & RFI token rewards.
YLD / RFI Pool:

YLD Live Pricing:
Fee/Reward Info: Liquidity provider rewards: Liquidity providers earn a 0.3% fee on all trades proportional to their share of the pool. Fees are added to the pool, accrue in real time and can be claimed by withdrawing your liquidity. RFI fees are still awarded during the pooling period, but will not reflect in your wallet until claimed from the pool.
Socials: Community | Medium | Discord | Reddit | Visit The App


Confirm Coins

A. Make sure you have both RFI and YLD coins to pair together for the pool.
Buy YLD:
Buy RFI:
(To buy RFI, make sure to adjust your slippage to 2% and use only whole (non-decimal) numbers for the RFI part)

B. In order to view the coins, make sure you’re using a Uniswap coin list provider that has them. Try CoinGecko if the ones you’re using doesn’t show them.

How-to Setup

Step 1 // Go here:

Step 2 // Input the amounts of YLD and RFI you want to pool.

Step 3 // Click the Approve RFI button and confirm the transaction in your connected wallet. Repeat the step for the Approve YLD button.

How-to Manage

Step 1 // If you don’t see your pool entry here: then click on the “Import It” text link.

Step 2 // Select YLD and RFI from the Import Pool lists and then click “Manage this pool.”

Step 3 // You should now be able to see your entry into the pool by clicking Manage next to the RFI/YLD pool entry.

Step 4 // Click the Account Analytics and Accrued Fees text links for more details info.

How-to Remove/Claim

Step 1 // Back under Pool / Manage, click on the Remove button.

Step 2 // Choose the percentage you want to remove from the pool.

Step 3 // Click the Approve button and Sign the transaction in your wallet’s confirmation screen.

M³ / CryptoBet ($CBET)

Last Update: Dec 9, 2020 // Started on Dec 9

Basic info
Blockchain: ERC-20
Availability: Uniswap (v2)
Industry: Gambling/Casino
Live pricing:


  1. Dec 9, 2020 8:11pm / Price: $0.00211547
    Price history after recommendation.
    1a. Dec 11, 2020 3:58pm / Price: $0.00109203


CryptoBet About Us
CryptoBet is a online casino and sportsbook Powered by RGT.

You’ll find thousands of the hottest slots, table games, live casino dealers, sporting events (including live in-play betting), and poker to keep you entertained for hours.

The story so far…
This chart would typically scare me. However, after my conversations with the RFI Telegram group regarding its recent backstory pertaining to CBET and the upcoming plans, here’s my overview and strategy.

  1. The Chart

For the month of November, I’m going to ignore everything, except the $0.001 – $0.0014 baseline during development. As I understand it, the spike in price in early December was due to premature marketing/awareness, before development was complete, causing a dump. After the launch of RFI (more later), the new bottom’s baseline increased to the development period’s previous high+.

2. RFI Telegram Info
With RFI’s explosion, automatic rewards, and their personal connection with the people behind CBET, it only adds to CBET’s potential. Development between the two is already live (limited time) for a staking opportunity. allows you to stake RFI and earn CBET, with a GYSR multiplier option. The app worked better than expected. Be aware that there’s about $9 in CBET staking/unstaking fees and I’d only recommend it for those with decent stacks of RFI.

While one of the leads behind RFI couldn’t confirm, he seemed optimsitic about CryptoBet using RFI. Casinos use all sorts of crypto, but with RFI’s automated return functionality on all transactions, it gives casino operators more incentive to push RFI over others. How is this good for CBET, since it sounds like a plus for RFI? When CryptoBet adds RFI as a payment option, gambling sectors have the most transactions in crypto, CryptoBet will benefit/profit far more over usage of the others. This will generate passive income on top of their normal operation efforts. This aids in funding growth, which include a CBET casino already in the plans, that will use CBET as its native currency.

3. Online Reputation
No red flags popped up for CryptoBet, but seeing as how they are new, it’s not too surprising. The backing/service company RTG (RealTimeGaming) only had one big story about a payout dispute, which was settled.

4. The Market
Gambling/casino sector leads the crypto dApp market. Not much else to say.

5. Use-cases Starting

Posted; , 2020
Stake $CBET to Earn $CTLR
7 Day Fair Distribution Staking Event
ALL 100 $CTLR will be Farmed in this Pool
The only way to Earn $CTLR is by Staking $CBET
Full Details
Stake CBET here;

Expect large dumps of CBET as buying and unstaking of it for CTLR will temporarily cause abnormal action.


  1. Recommendation: Limited Buy (1)
  2. Strategy: Short (2) or Swing (3)
    Item (1): Low amount of initial funds
    Item / Short (2): 1 – 3 month hold, possibly mid to long depending on developments.
    Item / Swing (3): If you’re not going to buy and hodl for the next 3 months to see what develops, before price exploration stabalizes, there’s plenty of time/room to swing trade very soon. Theory being, larger swings during the initial period than after it levels out.

This document will be continously updated. I’ll be posting more about what’s in the whitepaper and other CBET uses currently available, but I just wanted to get this live before it starts to move.

Leave a comment for feedback and/or corrections.

M³ / ($RFI)

Last Update: Dec 11, 2020 (Originally written Dec 4)
NOTICE: Due to the success of RFI, other attempted clones with similar symbols were created by others and NOT ASSOCIATED with RFI. Please do not confuse the two. Thanks.

Basic info
Blockchain: ERC-20
Availability: Uniswap (v2)
Industry: DeFi
Live pricing:


  1. Dec 5, 2020 4:04am / High Moon Potential / Price: $0.448322
    Price history after recommendation.
    1a. Dec 6, 2020 12:38am / Price: $0.74484398
    1b. Dec 6, 2020 7:24pm / Price: $0.90400255
    1c. Dec 7, 2020 4:40pm / Price: $1.91993168
    1d. Dec 8, 2020 6:02pm / Price: $1.71893218
    1e. Dec 8, 2020 9:49pm / Price: $2.25778681
    1f. Dec 11, 2020 4:04pm / Price: $2.69587861


What Is RFI ?
RFI is a DeFi protocol that envisions 1% of all money moved being automatically redistributed to all holders of the network, all done without staking. With RFI and their innovative tech, they have created a way to earn yields without staking or having to claim rewards, thus eliminating the cost of GAS in this innovative and ground breaking build. It all just ends up in your wallet through a new method they like to call a “reflect”. In addition to this reflect, they have a black-hole that is also compounding interest on all transfers. So not only is the balance in your own wallet increasing, the supply decreases around your wallet at the same time.

1. Frictionless & gasless dual yielding opportunities since the network is structured to reward holders of RFI automatically, while allowing hodlers to stake/use them in 3rd party yield farming apps.

2. Officially launched December 2nd 2020, so market activity was ignored for November when analyzing.

3. Limited max supply of 10,000,000 tokens. Stable bottom support after two major marketcap volume injections during the initial stages show signs of positivity.

4. Healthy Telegram community;

5. Wallet preview for better tracking/management of RFI tokens and yield activity.
5a. UPDATE 12/6/20 Wallet went live; Login with your MetaMask wallet.

6. Project community is currently looking to secure the marketing services of
6a. 12/6/20 UPDATE Confirmed in Telegram, they secured David Gokhshtein’s marketing group.

7. The “blackhole” burn address receives the 1% transaction fees of RFI tokens, that every RFI token holder receives automatically by the protocol. This deflationary mechnanim, while rewarding its holders, is truly a unique DeFi experiment.

8. The theory behind RFI’s overall effect.

9. There is no “leadership team”, there is no roadmap, the project is simplistically complete as is when it launched.


  1. Strong Buy
  2. Hold Type: Mid (1) to Long (2) / 3 – 6 months / Item (1). Due to the nature of the project, there is nothing more on the roadmap, this one should have a longer span of hyper growth initially. Item (2). Recurring network fees are paid to holders of RFI tokens, giving reason to hold for longer than some other tokens.

M³ / Cowry ($COW)

Last Update: Dec 4, 2020

Basic info

First glance

From Cowry’s whitepaper,

This paper exhibits a clear understanding of Cowry (COW), which foremost function is to provide high-speed, private and stable means of payment, with emphasis on the gambling and gaming markets.


  1. Dec 4, 2020: No interest in the target industry.
  2. Price: $0.03987239