My Crypto Setup

Bitcoin via CashApp

CashApp (for Bitcoin): Every pay period, I leave just enough cash in my primary bank account for bills that are auto-deducted & miscellaneous spending, then move the rest to CashApp. (Since CashApp offers a routing/account number, I’ll be switching my direct deposit to them and will be bank/credit union free in the near future). From there, I put about 75% of it into Bitcoin via their app. If I end up needing more than the 25% cash that I left in CashApp, then I sell some of the Bitcoin to cover that cost. This type of setup helps me stick to budgeting goals because I hate selling my Bitcoin.

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Coinseed I use their Round-Up feature by tying it to my debit card. For example, when I spend $5,24 on something using my debit card, Coinseed rounds up the price to $6 and puts the 76 cent differences into crypto currencies in their app that I choose. You can see my current split below.

To explain my portfolio split. While Coinseed offers Bitcoin and other major cryptos, I do not use it for those since this is microinvesting. I buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, etc… in bulk on exchanges. With the exception of PAXG, I look at these as “penny stocks” so that I’m putting to use spare change on high-risk cryptos with amazing upside. These cryptos are at a stage where they can 1000x+ any day as the world goes more digital and if they don’t, all I’ve lost is some spare change.

The 4 I’m currently invested in are detailed below;

ADA (Cardano): Founded by the co-founder of Ethereum (2nd biggest crypto to Bitcoin) this is a unique project that has garnered lots of attention from the industry to governments. Years in development, ,they’re starting to release prototypes that are showing promise.

TRX (Tron): I see it playing a role in the growing DeFi (decentralized finance) space.

PAXG (Pax Gold): This is tied to physical gold. One unit of PAXG equals 1 troy ounce of actual gold. The percentage is highest for this for mine in Coinseed because I use it as a stabilizer when the cryptos go down.

DGB (DigiByte): I simply picked up DigiByte because they’re an active community, with fast payment solutions, and are positioning themselves in ways to be an everyday currency in the digital world.

I do switch out the 3 (ADA, DGB, TRX) from time to time, based on the markets and my interests.

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