My Ken Scalir / Joker Trailer Video Project

KSJ: Intro

4/21/20: One of my old favorite shows was Blind Date TV. The other night I was feeling nostalgic, so I found some old episode on YouTube and began watching. That is when I came across Ken Scalir. Odd, but charismatic- his sad energy makes you feel sympathy when he’s not making you, personally, feel awkward and uncomfortable by his actions and words on the show.

He failed to make a love connection on this date, but the host was empathetic and took it on himself to personally promise to find Ken a woman.

2nd try

3rd try

4th try

Then 5th and final try, Ken showed his true colors and the host gave up on him.

That was it for his time on Blind Date TV, but Ken’s dating/TV life didn’t end there as I ran down this YouTube rabbithole. Scrolling through the comments I noticed a thumbnail for “Ken Scalir Love Connection, September 1998.

I couldn’t believe it, hating him now- TV feeling emotions betrayed- for how he was in the last episode of Blind Date. And this bastard was double dipping in the TV show dating pool, that I had wanted so much to be on as a 20 something. Yeah, I hated him for more than one reason now.

I had to watch.

Singled Out (2 episodes)

The Dating Game

And, yes, there were other dating shows he had managed to get on, but it wasn’t until I saw his performance on the Keenan Wayans Talent Show, that it hit me.

“You ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?”


So this is the start of my next video project. I’m going to combine the two into a new movie trailer, with a unique storyline. I feel the desperation for attention that Ken seems to need, be it from a woman or society, will work well together.

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Next Up: Content Gathering

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