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How to Earn Free Crypto

How to Earn Free Crypto

(and/or turn it into Bitcoin)

Added my first two of ways to earn free crypto. https://packphour.com/earn-crypto-for-free/

I have a lot of plans on how to build out that page, to make it easier for beginners, but until then I’m just sharing about Coinbase’s Earn program and the Brave internet browser. Both are things I use and can recommend.

Bitcoin: Do Your Part

Bitcoin: Do Your Part

When people, outside the space, look at me when I talk Bitcoin- I see the unasked question in their eyes. Why the obsession? The simplest way I can explain it is that when you have something fundamentally right (mathematics & morally), in the face of a system setup to fail for the people, you share it with others. That is how change happens. It’s in the action of sharing new information & implementing it, not obliging to bitch about the status quo.

It’s not about driving the price up, it’s about education.

That is the true value I learned from Bitcoin, after understanding it. My driving narrative was no longer, “Buy as much as possible before moon!” (while it’s still my approach), but more of the education of money. The course it sent me on, forever changed my life, because it changed my thinking about this shared resource we all need to survive in this technology-rich society that I’ve always wanted.

As “fanatics”, we need to get away from correlating Bitcoin with it’s upside price swings for newbies. They’re not ready to hodl, at such an early age, when whales dump. We need to engage in discussion that ask fundamental questions like; “What is money?”, “Should what you earn be under your control?”, and “Why does it takes days for a check to clear?!”

Only then, are we truly doingmypartmeme.gif, to help the mass adoption of Bitcoin.

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